Purely Dynamic Power Storage

Stornetic designs and manufactures flywheel-based fast power storage solutions. Our DuraStor and EnWheel technologies are safe, reliable and durable solutions for decentralised load balance, grid stabilisation and hybrid power supply management applications.

Wherever there is a need for large numbers of charging and discharging cycles and high transient power balance, the EnWheel flywheel solution sets new standards.

Why EnWheel is your ideal kinetic energy storage device:

  • High, specific power rates
  • Charges and discharges in seconds
  • Virtually wear-free and maintenance-free technology
  • Long-lasting capacity irrespective of the charging cycles

Modular Solutions to Fit Any Need

DuraStor is a containerised system with which businesses can choose the number of EnWheel machines and their overall capacity based on what’s needed.


Our Products, Made to Measure

Depending on your requirements, we can equip the EnWheel with various types of motor/generator sets to achieve different levels of power.

Dynamic Load Flow Management

DuraStor fast power storage enables the smart management of power loads in adverse scenarios, such as commercial or industrial sites, where power demand peaks and grid supply fluctuations can be intelligently managed and overcome.

Load Peak Shaving

Managing high-power peak loads can be challenging, from power supply constraints to the inability to expand process capabilities. DuraStor offers a way to reduce high power connection rates.

Power Supply Protections

Increasingly, businesses are feeling the pressure of weak power supplies affecting their operations, as the stability of local and regional grids comes under pressure. DuraStor’s modular power storage solution can protect against potential voltage fails.

Smart Grid Solutions

As the nature of public power supplies changes, many industries are naturally looking for ways in which they can guarantee power availability at the times they need it. DuraStor can support customers to establishing a self-supply of local power.


Market Leaders for a More Sustainable Future

For more than 50 years, we have been developing and manufacturing high-speed components for safe and reliable power generation. Our technology provides a clean, emission-free alternative to toxic, wasteful battery-driven power supplies.