New White Paper by STORNETIC: Benefits of Flywheels for Grid Stabilization

14 July 2017

The expansion of renewable energy sources creates major challenges for the stability of our electricity grids. This problem will increase when more and more conventional power plants shut down. For this reason energy storage is key to manage the stability of our current and future grids. In this context STORNETIC has now completed a new White Paper on the benefits of Flywheels for grid stabilization. Interested? Contact us now via to receive the new White Paper!

Green light for QUIRINUS

17 March 2017

Project for stability and reliability of distribution grids receives funding from the State of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) and the EU / STORNETIC to deliver energy storage unit

Where does electricity come from? From the power outlet, obviously. And reliably so, always when you need it. But in order for things to stay this way, companies that deal with power grids have to come up with new ideas. That's because increasingly more wind turbines and solar plants are being connected to power supply grids while large power plants are slowly being decommissioned. Of course, the wind doesn't always blow equally strong and the sun doesn't shine 24 hours a day. This means that the current supply in the grid network from renewable energies fluctuates.

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Deutsches Museum shows STORNETIC energy storage device in its major special exhibition 'energy.transitions'

20 February 2017

The major special exhibition 'energy.transitions' opened on 15 February at Deutsches Museum in Munich. The list of impressive exhibits is a long one. One such example is a Tesla Roadster which was the first serial-production electric car to travel around the world in 2012. Another example is an oversized flower made of solar cells displayed in the museum courtyard which always rotates towards the sun, folds up its ‘petals’ at night and just happens to generate electricity as well. This series also features the STORNETIC flywheel energy storage system, which visitors can see in the Energy Grids and Storage section of the exhibition.

The exhibition was designed as an international travelling exhibition. It’s next temporary location could be Japan, which has already expressed interest in it. The exhibition will run through 19 August 2018 in Munich. Deutsches Museum, Special Exhibition Hall at the New Technology Centre (Zentrum Neue Technologie), First Floor.

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EDF and STORNETIC start project on advanced smart grids storage solutions

Press release, 17 November 2016

EDF and STORNETIC have launched a joint project on advanced smart grid storage solutions. The project serves to assess the performance of flywheel energy storage technology facing the requirements of a modern grid environment. As part of the collaboration, STORNETIC is going to deliver a DuraStor® Energy Storage device to EDF by June 2017, which will be installed at the EDF Concept Grid site in Moret-sur-Loing near Paris.

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White paper by STORNETIC on Safety of Flywheel Storage Systems

2 November 2016

Flywheel Energy Storage plays an important role in the energy storage business. At STORNETIC we believe that Safety is essential for the further growth of this technology. A robust system design in combination with the use of certified materials and quality control measures are the basis of safe flywheel systems. In addition flywheel systems provide the environmental benefits of non-chemical, non-toxic, fully recyclable materials. STORNETIC has just completed a white paper on the Safety of Flywheel Energy Storage Systems. Contact us via to get it!

Wind firming with flywheels

Press release, 26 September 2016

For the first time, STORNETIC is presenting its energy storage solution for wind parks. The flywheel energy storage solution from the technology company based at Jülich (Germany) allows wind farm operators to balance output fluctuations of their wind power plants over the long term. This allows a wind farm’s energy output to be better planned.

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Energy saving whenever a train stops

Press release, 7 September 2016

STORNETIC has extended its product range to the public transportation industry. The manufacturer of flywheel based energy storage systems has optimised its EnWheel® for use as wayside energy storage for trains, trams and metros. Operators of these systems will be able to realise energy savings whenever a train stops.

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White paper by STORNETIC on hybrid energy storage

29 August 2016

Hybrid energy storage solutions combine the specific benefits of different systems, e.g. flywheels and batteries. This is why hybrid solutions become more and more important for current and future commercial energy storage applications. In this context, STORNETIC has just completed a new white paper on hybrid energy storage solutions. Contact us via to get it!

STORNETIC launches new megawatt energy storage unit

Press release, 15 February 2016

For the first time, STORNETIC is launching a megawatt energy storage unit. The 'DuraStor®1000', with its one megawatt output is the energy storage system manufacturer's step into a new output category. Despite the increased output, the unit takes up less space. Like the 600 kilowatt system 'ES600' which has been in operation since last year, the DuraStor®1000 is supplied in a 40-foot standard container.

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SWM Markets Kinetic Energy Storage Unit for the First Time

Press release, 2 November 2015

SWM [Munich Municipal Utilities, Stadtwerke München] announces the ground-breaking approval of its first kinetic energy storage unit within their virtual power plant for use in commercial operation. The unit consists of a flywheel-based 'DuraStor' accumulator from the STORNETIC technology firm in Jülich. In view of rapidly-changing conditions in the electricity market, energy storage units are universally considered an important tool in the sustainable stabilisation of electrical networks.

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