DuraStor®: From kilowatt to multi-megawatt

Comparison between energy
storage units

The DuraStor® container solution with EnWheel® storage machines

Do you want to pay for just the actual amount of electricity you use
and make optimum use of your capacities?

Then EnWheel® is the efficient storage solution for you.

Energy storage made to measure

Depending on your requirements, we equip the EnWheel® with a
motor/generator sets of different power.

For high power peaks and shorter cycle times the machine can be
equipped with a stronger motor/generator.

As modular as you want

Do you only wish to pay for the energy that you actually need?
Make optimized use of your capacities?

DuraStor® is a modular system solution in which you can increase
the number of EnWheel® machines and overall capacity at any time
to meet your needs.

Bring your cost-effectiveness up to speed with EnWheel® because efficiency
means making effective use of its capacity. Use the EnWheel®!

It's as good as already set up for you

DuraStor® is a turnkey system solution, virtually independent of local and climatic conditions.

  • Our advisers will happily identify your specific energy or storage requirements.
  • Our engineers will facilitate the entire construction and will train your employees.

Anything is possible
EnWheel® – wherever energy flows

Do you wish to reduce your energy costs? Stabilize your grid? Recover and
use surplus energy? Expand electromobility further?

EnWheel® brings together all the requirements for the efficient loading and
high-power discharge of electrical energy at virtually any location.

Grid services

  • Frequency regulation with immediate availability
  • Spinning reserve or synthetic inertia
  • Grid stabilization through voltage and reactive power control
  • Alternative to grid expansion through the provision of peak power


  • Grid stabilization
  • Wind firming
  • Energy saving

Tram/underground train systems

  • Energy saving by recovering breaking energy
  • Reduction in peak loads and co2 emissions
  • Stabilization of the rail network

Wind energy

  • Wind firming
  • Management of steep ramps and power sacks

Industrial applications

  • Energy recovery and flexible availability
  • Lowering energy demand and peak loads
  • Elimination of grid fluctuations
  • Rapid increase in peak grid capacity


  • Parallel rapid charging
  • Integration of renewable energy sources for rapid charging

We will set the wheels in motion for you

The world is moving on. Global energy supply is central to everything we do.
STORNETIC is a business unit of a leading international energy technology company.

We are driven by rotation.

We have been developing and manufacturing extremely high-speed components for safe and
reliable power generation for fifty years and are a global technology leader in this field.

We achieved this:

  • by specializing in one field of technology
  • through our mastery of complex technical processes
  • with the strength afforded by superior production processes
  • with the power of high production capacities

As an innovation driver in the field of energy management, our corporation has demonstrated
responsibility towards society and the economy for generations. For us, this means safeguarding
dependable, affordable and sustainable power supply in the 21st century.

We set everything in motion to achieve this.

Dr. Rainer vor dem Esche, Managing Director

Michael Ismar, Sales Manager

Thilo Engelmann, Project Manager

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