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STORED POWER based on pure dynamism

You can’t reinvent the flywheel, but you can revolutionise it.

Wherever there is a need for large numbers of charging and discharging
cycles, the EnWheel® flywheel system sets new standards.

Why EnWheel® is your ideal kinetic energy storage device:

  • charges and discharges within seconds/minutes;
  • virtually wear-free and maintenance-free technology;
  • long-lasting capacity irrespective of the charging cycles.

This makes it an efficient and clean solution for the long term.

High tech means high speed

Speed is everything. The same applies when it comes to storing power through rotational energy. This is where EnWheel® is right out in front, at 45,000 revolutions per minute.

This has been achieved by reducing frictional losses to a minimum. The entire rotor runs
in a vacuum, on non-contact bearings and is made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic.

This high-tech material guarantees the highest possible speed with the greatest possible strength.

The result: a powerful energy storage device with virtually unlimited charging
cycles and outstanding service life.

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From kilowatt to megawatt

Comparison of Technologies

Energy Storage System STORNETIC
ES 600 comprising 28 EnWheels

Do you want to pay for just the actual amount of electricity you use
and make optimum use of your capacities?

Then EnWheel® is the efficient storage solution for you.

Energy storage made to measure

Depending on your requirements, you can have EnWheel®
with a peak output of 22 kW.

For high power peaks and shorter cycle times the machine
can be equipped with a stronger motor/generator.

As modular as you want

EnWheel® is a modular system solution in which you can increase the number
of machines and the total output at any time to suit your requirements.

Practically up and running already

EnWheel® is a turnkey system solution that is not dependent on local and climatic conditions.

  • Our advisers will be happy to calculate your specific storage requirements.
  • Our engineers will carry out the entire installation and connection process.
  • Only the ancillary equipment requires maintenance. We will be pleased to train
    your staff to do this, or provide this service directly to you.

Anything is possible

Are you looking to reduce your energy costs? Stabilise your grid?
Recover excess energy and put it to good use?
Further expand your electric vehicle infrastructure?

EnWheel® incorporates all the requirements for the efficient input
and powerful output of electrical energy at almost any location.

Trams and metro systems

  • Energy recovery and flexible energy retrieval
  • Reduction of electricity consumption and peak demand
  • Stabilisation of the railway power grid


  • Energy recovery and flexible energy retrieval
  • Reduction of electricity consumption and peak demand
  • Elimination of grid disturbances
  • Quick increase in peak grid capacity


  • Energy recovery and flexible energy retrieval
  • Reduction of electricity consumption and peak demand

Grid services

  • Frequency regulation with immediate availability
  • Grid stabilisation through voltage control and reactive power control
  • Support for grid expansion to cater for peak loads


  • Fast charging of many vehicles in parallel
  • Use of renewable energy for fast charging

We get everything moving

STORNETIC is the new technology and business unit of an international
energy technology company.

We have been developing and manufacturing extremely high-speed components for
safe and reliable power generation for 50 years, and are global technology leader in
the harnessing of kinetic energy.

With EnWheel® we are now setting a new standard.

As innovation drivers in the energy industry, we have been living up to our responsibility
for society and the economy for generations.

For STORNETIC, this means securing reliable and affordable
power supplies in the 21st century.

This is what we get everything moving for.


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